Medical Weight Loss

For those who may not be ready for weight loss surgery or have a smaller amount of weight to lose, our medically-supervised weight loss program can assist you in reaching your weight loss goal. This course of action is also available for those who need to satisfy their insurance company's pre-surgical requirement of a physician directed diet. By focusing on dietary and activity modifications, we offer you a non-surgical approach to lose excess weight.

Our staff work to create an individualized medical weight loss nutrition plan based on your unique body composition, daily activity level, and comorbid medical conditions; by considering these elements, the program is customized to your unique metabolic needs. Changing old habits is hard work, but your medical weight loss nutrition plan makes it easy to follow a healthy eating pattern while giving you the freedom to make your own food choices. Our program focuses on lifestyle and food changes that are not a diet.

The goal for anyone, whether it is preparation for surgery or non-surgical weight loss, is to learn portion sizes, what foods should be eaten, and behavior modification. Your current level of activity is assessed and based on that assessment and your physical ability or limitations, physical activity goals are created. The Center for Health and Wellness has a physical activity program specifically designed for weight loss patients which is led by exercise physiologists with experience working with morbidly obese patients. The goal of the program is to set you up for long-term weight loss success.

If you would like to find out more about our medically supervised weight loss program, please call the office at 386-231-3530 and ask about our 'Nutritional Wellness Program.'